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Supernatural OC: Alemana Hokulani Leialoha

General information Full Name: Alemana (a-le-ma-na) Hokulani (hoh-koo-LAH-nee) Leialoha (LAY-ah-loh-hah) Reason for name: the name Alemana means warrior, Hokulani means Divine star and Leialoha means Darling child Nickname: Ale, Water lily, Tiny warrior Age: 31 Gender: Female Place of Birth: Kihei, Hawaii Birthday: November 21st Currently living in: Chicago Species/Race: Human (Special child) Ethnicity: Hawaiian Blood Type: Type A Occupation: Hunter     Surf instructor (formerly)
    Art teacher (formerly)
    Bar tender (formerly) Sexual Orientation: Lesbian Relationship Status: In a relationship Status: Alive Appearance Body Build: mesomorph Height: 5'9" Weight: 137 Skin colour: tan Hair style: Frizzy Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Dark Brown Distinguishing Features: Like the other 'special children' she has an ability, she can create portals or 'ports' as she calls them. However the more she uses them the less distance she can travel. For example, if she didn't use the ability f…

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